Arrivederci a Scauri – Festa del Mare / Festa Storica

Lungomare di Scauri, Mare di Scauri (processione di barche), Piazzale Sieci (Scauri)

The ancient orientation to tourism of this Tyrrhenean location makes up one of the essential reasons for the Festa del Mare “Arriverderci a Scauri” festival in celebration of the sea originating during the summer of 1964 to consolidate the strong bond between residents, visitors and the coast.
In the rich range of initiatives scheduled, the torchlight Procession of boats in the bay overlooking Monte d’Oro, planned for the third weekend in August, stands out. At sunset, fishermen and boaters go with their boats in a single file toward the hill (part of the Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park) to pay homage to the Madonna of the Sea, on the rocks protecting the bay, and to remember the fallen, throwing a laurel wreath into the sea. The symbolic gesture goes back to an event which took place in 1552 during the Turkish invasion.
The 200 inhabitants imprisoned by the pirate Dragut managed to save themselves, during a storm, after having prayed asking the Virgin for help. The Festa del Mare, organised by the Parish Committee of “Maria SS. Immacolata”, is enriched with sports races, musical performances, fireworks and it celebrates veteran tourists through the awarding of the “Marco Emilio Scauro” award, named after the first distinguished guest of the city, who was consul in 115 BC and princeps senatus.

EVENT DATE: 23-29 August
EVENT PROMOTER: Parish Council for S.S. Immacolata Church


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