Formia is a city in the province of Latina in southern Lazio.

The area is situated tightly between the last southern foothills of the Aurunci mountains and the coast of the Gulf of Gaeta where, among the most renowned beaches, are Vindicio and Gianola. Formia was a very popular tourism destination in the Roman era as can be witnessed from the numerous remains of villas, among the famous ones are Mamurra and Mecenate. On this section of the gulf, even Cicerone had one of his favourite country houses built. Precisely in Formia, Cicerone was assassinated by Antonio’s hit men in December 43 BC while trying to escape banishments. The city, during World War II, suffered serious damage in January 1944 and in the following months, given that it was on the margins of the Gustav Line, known for the dramatic events of the destruction of Montecassino and for the bloody battles in the Mignano Monte Lungo mountains. A large part of Formia’s historical and artistic heritage was therefore lost.

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